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according to Morrnah Simeona

The Coronation of Consciousness

Here you can learn all

about the unique Ho’oponopono application of Morrnah, who was honoured with the title “Living Treasure of Hawaii” in 1982.

No matter where you live, Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono procedure can set you free from fears, traumas, disappointments and debts.


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The Coronation
of Consciousness

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Guidance for highly effective spiritual protection according to Morrnah.

The Coronation of Consciousness

Ho'oponopono Overview

In English wherever you are - in the spiritual context of our time.

Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono is simple and direct: You write down your problems and the people involved in them on a list in a certain way. Then recite Morrnah’s prayers by following the 14-step procedure. The Ho’oponopono of Morrnah is not a religion, but psycho-spiritual
problem solving – meaning, it is initiated by your free choice to do Ho’oponopono. Its origins are ancient, yet so modern and practical.

It is spreading in a spiral outward, language by language, to gather all peoples, for its application is universal. However, we remember that Ho’oponopono originated within the Hawaiian people and their culture and it was there that ‘mutual’ forgiveness was invented! It is the heart of Ho’oponopono.