Ho’oponopono misconceptions

There are a variety of esoteric, magical and new age processes that call themselves Ho’oponopono but are not genuine. Here, we will just identify them but not evaluate them. – Just to point out that they are not genuine Ho’oponopono.

12-step-Ho’oponopono or 14-step-Ho’oponopono?

In the 80’s, Morrnah taught her process as 12 steps plus a written problem list (so, 13 steps). This list is indispensable, and some other small aspects were also cleared up in the early 90s. Pacifica Seminars, Germany only teaches Morrnah’s final 1991 version with 14 steps.

What happened at Hawaii State Hospital 1984-1987?

It is absolutely true that in this Hawaiian Hospital, 23 criminally insane people received remarkable mental healing and freedom, through the use of Morrnah’s method – but it comes as quite a SURPRISE to many that it WASN’T by using any mantra, but using Morrnah’s 14-step process, and carried out under her supervision.

Ho’oponopono Experiences

Testimonies of small and large positive changes in circumstances after doing Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono are exciting, and common. It cleanses not only people, their relationships, finances and health, but also animals, plants, objects and spirit beings, molecules and atoms. All areas of creation are included, and all will be set free.

Who was Morrnah Simeona?

Morrnah may be counted among the outstanding people of Hawaii, on a par with the prodigious prophetess Makaweliweli and beyond. Her advanced clairvoyance and connection with higher beings allowed her to renew the ancient Ho’oponopono practice.

How did Ho’oponopono develop?

Psycho-spiritual problem-solving methods (mental healing affecting all parts of the self) have been known in the Polynesian region since ancient times. Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian version. Besides the (secret) traditional method, held by elders or healers called kahunas, indigenous Hawaiian Morrnah developed her own modern version that anyone can perform alone.

Ho’oponopono LIVE-Courses

Yvette Mauri and Michael Micklei were personally trained by Morrnah from 1986-1991.
She showed us all where she saw her Ho’oponopono respected, with integrity, by spending her final year of life not on her beloved Hawaii but with them in Germany, continuing to develop and guide them.

Ho’oponopono – Home Study Course

With this book you will hold nothing less than a treasure in your hands. You can learn and practice the authentic, original spiritual problem-solving method according to Morrnah in peace and quiet.