The Mission of Pacifica Seminars

From 1974, the 1st Pacifica Seminars already existed as an association in Honolulu (closed down in 1986), and in 1982 hosted a widely acclaimed event called 'The Identity of Man', first world symposium. Highly regarded people including the Governor were present or sent greetings to Pacifica Seminars. (We have all these documents in our files).

The 2nd Pacifica Seminars was founded by Morrnah and partners February 13, 1986 as an incorporation (and dissolved by Dr.Len in 2002). There, according to Art.III (1), the statutes stated: "The objectives of PACIFICA SEMINARS are to promote research and development in the areas of environmental protection, energy conservation and energy use, as well as the maximization of human capabilities and biorhythmic properties ...."

The 3rd Pacifica Seminars was founded on September 19, 1990 by Morrnah Simeona and Yvette Mauri in Kirchheim near Munich in accordance with German association law (Civil Code ยงยง 21-79). Shortly afterwards Michael Micklei joined. The goals were derived from those of the 2nd Pacifica Seminars, Inc. (Honolulu), but initially focussed on the dissemination of Morrnah Simeona's universal Ho'oponoponos. Meanwhile (June 2020) sending the main book "The coronation of consciousness" worldwide in 6 languages

Morrnah's Ho'opnopono leads to individual problem solving and the raising of awareness. Among other things, lectures are held and publications released e.g. the book 'The Coronation of Consciousness', available now in multiple languages and in seminars. The international version of this book contains the final prayers of Morrnah's 'Basic 1' and 'Basic 2' of 1991.

In April 2018 Pacifica Seminars commenced teaching the master class (including Basic 3) which offers 'environmental protection, energy conservation and energy use' through spiritual means with Morrnah's Ho'oponopono in alignment with her objectives as shown above.

Yvette Mauri and Michael Micklei are the two directors of Pacifica Seminars




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