Pacifica Seminars

The seeds of success, planted by Morrnan Simeona

         Who are we?

Michael Micklei and Yvette Mauri first met Morrnah Simeona on November 5, 1986 at her first Ho'oponopono seminar in Germany, and their lives were changed in that moment.

Michael was born near Munich, Germany, and studied economics and law at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. He speaks French and fluent English. 1973, he established an advertising agency, and worked in Europe, New York and South East Asia, gaining substantial international experience. From 1979-1984, Michael was marketing director at major publishing house Mairs Geographischer Verlag (now MairDumont), and developed European travel guides and invented so-called Promotion Books.

 Since 1996, Michael has owned and managed his own publishing house Micklei Media, where the Ho’oponopono book The Coronation of Consciousness is published in many languages (and more to come). His Spiritual home since 1964 has been the philosophical and religious literature of the great thinkers and spiritual minds of ancient Greece, India and Southeast Asia.

Yvette is the other board member of Pacifica Seminars and was born in France. By profession, she was a foreign language secretary, speaking fluent German, English and Italian. As the dear partner and faithful soul at Michael’s side since 1975, she takes care as an individual Ho'oponopono coach. In May 1991, when Morrnah was living with them, Morrnah said once: "Michael and Yvette are one“ (in heart and mind).

The 3 Pacifica Seminars founded by Morrnah

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona has always been the physical and spiritual centre of her organisations. Today Morrnah continues to be the spiritual centre for us, here at Pacifica Seminars (Germany), which has now been in existence for over 30 years (as of 2021).

Morrnah founded (the first) Pacifica Seminars as an association in 1974, and then 'Pacifica Seminars Inc' (Honolulu, Hawaii) with partners on 13 February 1986 (dissolved in 2003). Her final 'Pacifica Seminars' was founded on September 19, 1990 by her and Yvette Mauri, in Kirchheim, Munich, following a suggestion from the 'I' (the 'Source') on June 15, 1990 and communicated in writing by Morrnah. Shortly afterwards, Michael Micklei joined the organisation.

        We teach what Morrnah taught

Morrnah retained the same consistent aims and objectives of Pacifica Seminars (Hawaii) when founding Pacifica Seminars (Germany). Article III (1) of the Incorporation states: "The purposes …. of 'Pacifica Seminars, Inc. are as follows: To engage in research and development in the areas of environmental protection, energy conservation and utilization, (and) the maximization of human resources (capabilities) and biorhythmic functions."

Pacifica Seminars is dedicated to teaching Morrnah Simeona's authentic Ho'oponopono, which lead to individual problem solving and the raising of consciousness to increased awareness, of themselves and the universe. An example of this is our book 'The Coronation of Consciousness' which contains Morrnah's Ho'oponoponos (her final versions of 1991), in both the words and in the way of praying, as a detailed home course.

In addition, we give introductory lectures and seminars in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland (interrupted by Covid since March, 2020), which enjoy great popularity due to their authenticity. The LIVE courses run in the same way as Morrnah taught them in 1990: By writing the problems on a list (called a ‘questionnaire’), in a particular format, then carrying out the spiritual purification.

Some highlights from Morrnah's Pacifica Seminars:

       1st World Symposium Identity of Man  
        (5.7. -  12.7.1982).

The first Pacifica Seminars (based in Honolulu, Hawaii) organised and sponsored 'The Identity of Man: First World Symposium 1982'. Many respected indigenous figures including Morrnah Simeona, high-ranking government officials including Governor G. Ariyoshi, and education and medical officials of Hawaii attended or sent greetings. U.S. Senator, Daniel Akaka, (the first US Senator of Native Hawaiian descent), wrote

"A very special aloha to Morrnah Simeona, President of Pacifica Seminars, who developed the idea of coming together “to expand the awareness and significance of Man’s identity at a time when his survival is being strained by world conflicts.“ Morrnah was the final speaker, on 'Heal Thyself'.

        The 'Miracle' at Hawaii State Hospital   
(1984 to June 1987).

Morrnah lectured at more than 50 institutions, including Johns Hopkins University and the United Nations. While there, she met Stanley Hew Len, who had been working at the Hawaii State Hospital in Kaneohe since 1983. She immediately saw (clairvoyantly) Dr. Hew Len's old karmic ties to those patients, and theirs to him.

Morrnah saw this as an ideal opportunity to apply her 14-step process - and so it happened, (but Morrnah’s system never included a mantra or tools). As a keen student of Ho’oponopono from I986, I (Michael Micklei), along with Yvette and many hundreds of others, listened enthralled, as Hew Len narrated this story about the patient’s progress, at the start of every seminar from November 1986 to 1989. (It was also recorded). The effect of Morrnah's method was overwhelming positive, despite it still being a profound mystery to experts.

        Releasing 'The Lady of Freedom'    (in the mid-eighties)

There is a plaster model of the bronze 'Statue of Freedom' (Lady of Freedom) on the roof rotunda of the Capitol in Washington DC, which was stored in a warehouse for decades, disassembled into 5 parts. Because of her clairvoyance, Morrnah realised that the spirit of freedom resided in these pieces. A result of the intense thoughts transmitted by the sculptors during the making.

She therefore raised US$ 25,000 (today's value about US$ 50,000, which she gave to the architect for renovation. He put the pieces together and facilitated an appropriate place for the statue. It is now in the Capitol Visitor Centre, in memory of Morrnah Simeona.

        "Germany is liberated"    (8 and 9 November 1986)

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona came to Germany for the first time, after an invitation from German Ernst E. Linner, accompanied by Hew Len. Weekend seminars were planned in 3 cities. On Sunday, November 9, Morrnah shared with those in the seminar, that as a result of her night meditation, we should do a special purification for Germany, together. Michael was to write his questionnaire openly on the board, everyone else on their own paper. Morrnah provided extra words related to the past wars of Germany for cleansing.

After this Ho'oponopono, she joyfully announced that "Germany is now liberated". None of us understood what she meant, and she said nothing further. But exactly three years later, when the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was again united, we knew what she really meant, and had done for us, through this ho’oponopono.

        Official translations of Ho'oponopono   
        (March and April 1987

In March 87, Morrnah asked Michael to translate her seminar papers titled 'Self-Identity through Ho'oponopono' into German, and then in April, into French by Yvette. These were the first, official Ho'oponopono books in Europe. After completing these to Morrnah's satisfaction came the honour: Yvette and Michael were given permission to teach her Ho'oponopono, with no limits.

        The first 60 seminars in Europe    (1987 to 1990)

Now with permission to teach, Yvette and Michael organised and taught about 60 weekend seminars (mostly together with Morrnah) of Morrnah’s Basic 1 and 2 course, in cities throughout Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, etc. On September 19 1990, Morrnah together with Yvette, founded Pacifica Seminars (Germany).

        Morrnah's final long journey    (5.10. - 12.12.1990)

After much preparation and significant effort, a 9-week tour was prepared for Morrnah. Together with Yvette as organiser and travelling companion, and two others, this small party travelled extensively through Egypt, Sinai and Jerusalem. Everything was done as Morrnah required. Michael of Pacifica Seminars provided most of the funding required.

        Morrnah in Kirchheim/Munich    (15.1.1991 – 11.2.1992)

Over more than a year, Morrnah lived in the home of Yvette and Michael near Munich in Germany. No classes were held, instead, Morrnah was driven 37,000 miles through the countryside around Munich. Being true to the articles of Pacifica Seminars, Morrnah’s mission for these days was environmental protection on a spiritual scale, purifying the landscapes, rivers, streams and lakes.

Finally, Morrnah passed away peacefully in their arms, at home - her work complete. She was transferred to Hawaii in a white coffin. Yvette and Michael were following to Hawaii when Morrnah was paid her last respects and given the 'ke ola' farewell by her many friends and admirers. After this formal occasion, Yvette and Michael visited the beautiful Hawaiian Islands – the birthplace of Morrnah and Ho’oponopono.

On 24 March 1992, US Senator Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) honoured Morrnah with addressing her in the Congressional Record.

        Morrnah's legacy lives on    (from 1992 - present)

Since 1994, Michael has worked as an author on his own projects. As a sure result of ho'oponopono, Michael’s working hours reduced to allow more time for Ho’oponopono work, and their natural environment has thrived, with extensive garden with a pond, fruit trees, bee hive and even a little forest. In 2004, the book 'The Coronation of Consciousness' was commenced in German - a book about Creation from a clairvoyant perspective (partially as Morrnah taught in classes, e.g. the triune of mind), and the complete teachings of Morrnah Simeona, combined in one.

Yvette and Michael have continued to giveLIVE seminars (about 500 now!) and lectures on Morrnah's universal Ho'oponopono. Since 2014, they have also offered free phone and email support – not as counsellors, but as teachers, to help learners become established and confident in their use of Ho’oponopono, and remove obstacles to health, wealth and happiness.

The work of Pacifica Seminars continues to grow, from the seeds planted by Morrnah, and the book is now translated into 13 languages, with eight already published. These are available worldwide through Pacifica Seminars in Germany.

 The adventure continues!

[Text: Michael Micklei]

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