about Morrnah Simeona


1)  This belongs to Morrnah

          The Ho'oponopono goal is to liberate oneself from the cause of unwanted circumstances, in effect from physical problems; to lead a life in peace and freedom, and to bring about the individual identity of each being, his genius. Life as a schoolhouse (of consciousness), as a succession of trial and error, is not questioned.

        Through Morrnah's Ho'oponopono, Man frees himself from the negative part of his memories and blockages, in so far increasingly from the ignorance of his divine origin. The focus of action and thinking becomes the recognition of the Divine in Creation  (in the sense of the Divine Creator, NOT the 'Aumakua as in e.g. Huna.

        To perform Morrnahs main work (Basic 1) of her Ho'oponoponos, one looks for a quiet place and writes one's problems on a list (a so-called 'questionnaire'),then follows in a specific order two breathing rounds and 11 different prayers.

2) This does not belong to Morrnah

          To bring Man to a state of zero, where he has no memories, no identity. This is only in the book 'Zero Limits', p. 31, 2007. Does Man not become in-zombie-identity - IZI? There is not anything that one calls LIFE there - just waiting for the guidance of some (!) spirit, some spirit being.

        Man is 100% responsible for everything around him, for everyone's actions, not just his own (from 'Zero Limits', p. 22, 2007. And on the fact that millions of people can see the same thing multaneously, the book and its authors are silent. Because if EVERYONE was 100% responsible, how many per cent would you get?

       Morrnah worked and refined her procedure for 19 years and never used or added magical toys (bangles, charged business cards, etc.). She never taught a mantra for Ho'oponopono.

3) Mary Kawena Pukui

       There has never been a traditional Ho'oponopono of 4 steps. The Hawaiian scholar, educator and writer Mary Kawena Pukui (1895-1986) never offered a traditional Ho'oponopono in 4 steps during her lifetime. The traditional Ho'oponopono had been, as for thousands of years, around a dozend steps and guided by a Kahuna. She co-authored the Hawaiin-English dictionary (1957) in which the Ho'oponopono definition is recorded ( http://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.85/cgi-bin/hdict?a=d&d=D18551 ).

       Despite Kawena's deep knowledge of Hawaiian culture she was NOT the teacher of Morrnah Simeona. Morrnah developed her method of the 14 steps independently.


4) How to Differentiate True Ho'oponopono?

       Just ask anyone who distributes a process under the name of Ho'oponopono, from whom they learned it, and whether the person is confirmed by Hawaiian authorities. To offer a so-called ho'oponopono-mantra - unknown on Hawaii as Ho'oponopono - is cheating. It's a form of substitution, like being offered 'an apple for an orange'. In the same way, if you were purchasing a famous brand limousine, you should receive a fully powered engine (not something less).

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