Authentic Ho'oponopono
(Correct explanation)


       Authentic Ho'oponopono has its origin in indigenous Hawaii and was adapted to modern times by Morrnah Simeona. It is defined by the Hawaiian scholar Mary Kawena Pukui as an irrevocable requirement.

       "Spiritual cleansing in the context of family conference in which interpersonal relationships through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance and MUTUAL forgiveness will be restored.“
(https://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.85/cgi-bin/hdict?a=d&d=D18551 , n° 1b).

       Some words in this text can be exchanged without losing their meaning, for example 'Family conference'with 'Group' in Morrnah's universal version and' Interpersonal relationships 'with unwanted circumstances'. However, in a traditional version, the family conference is of outstanding importance as the family was and is the center of life on Hawaii.

      The term 'mutual' stands for the fact that the other one forgives as well. This is possible only in the traditional Ho'oponopono (where the participants of a given problem are physically present) and the universal version of Morrnah (where the participants are mentally present and connected by energetic iines).

      Ho'oponopono does not work faster or stronger by mixing it with other methods, but doing so may slow, stop or even trigger misfortune due to the confusion of the inner child.

       Ho'oponopono is a way of life, a mindset that strives for harmony every day, and is a problem-solving technique. Ho'oponopono is NOT used to 'hear' the voice of higher spirits. These usually have their own agenda, and want to rob people of their sovereignty by telling them 'where to go' and 'what to do'. Ho'oponopono is NOT a 'magic wand' and never goes above a person's freedom of choice.

 Traditional Ho'oponopono

        After convening a family conference, a mediator (a Kahuna or an Elder with special skills) performed prayer rounds, formulated the problems and addressed the violations.

        Then mutual confessions, repentance and forgiveness took place. Everyone let go of everyone, so that the 'aka cords' (threads of fine, disharmonic energy lines at the astral level) were cut.All participants of the event released themselves from the given problem and it ended with a ceremonial feast that often contained the food of kala-seaweed (limu kala),a symbol of 'letting go'.

       You may also find it useful to look at the website Wikipedia, as the local information about Ho'oponopono is monitored by Pacifica Seminars

Universal Ho'oponopono

        Morrnah Simeona developed this 'universal' Ho'oponopono from the traditional Ho'oponopono, creating something fundamentally new, while maintaining a true Ho'oponopono as defined by Kawena.

        The expression 'universal' in this context means that Morrnah's path has been resolved in several areas of Hawaiian thought and can now be easily understood and applied by anyone, alone and without outside help.

        Those involved in a problem now do not have to be physically present (e.g the extended family), but are mentally present by including a problem list, from whatever time and place they are in. Likewise, she introduced the Divine Creator (our oldest spiritual ancestor) as the only problem solver (after praying)instead of other high spirit-beings as in the traditional version.

        However, Morrnah's final version did not appear suddenly, but underwent about a dozen refinements since 1974 (with ever changing titles e.g. 'The way of the 'I' ', 1978, and 'Self-Identity through Ho'oponopono', 1986). Only her LAST version from 1991 is the version she intended to be final, detailed in the book 'The Coronation of Consciousness'). It is also the only one PACIFICA SEMINARS is teaching in seminars and lectures.

        A 'problem' means the 'effect of a negative cause'. Ho'oponopono does not focus on effects. It is cleansing the causes. The causes of the problems are dissolved by Divine blessing (Haw.'ho'omana' or 'summoned divine energy'):

        All unwanted, negative bonds between people, animals, plants, objects, spirits, etc.are finally and harmoniously 'cut'-for the benefit of ALL participants involved in given problems. It is pure karma extinction. Through this, the dark side of the astral world is also purified and its glittering world returns. A new creation begins.

        Morrnah Simeona was born May 19, 1913 in Honolulu, Hawaii; and died on February 11, 1992 in Kirchheim near Munich, where she lived with Michael Micklei and Yvette Mauri, finishing her system. She was a kahuna la'au lapa'au (herb healer), later lomi-lomi-nui-teacher before she exclusively brought her
Ho'oponopono into the world.

        Morrnah's final 14-step process is still shrouded in mystery and will be known as the one that will end the suffering of creation – with the transition to a New world

[Text: Michael Micklei]

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