The following selection of esoteric magic methods only applies to those which are associated with the name Ho'oponopono, but are not. Here, no evaluation of these procedures itself is given, but only a brief explanation as to why they are not Ho'oponoponos according to the official Hawaiian definition.

Joe Vitale

        As a co-author of Zero Limits he became known for effective Internet marketing methods in the US – well BEFORE he dealt with Ho'oponopono. Although the mantra advertised in Zero Limits is NOT Ho'oponopono, we can still be grateful to Vitale for making the word 'Ho'oponopono' widely known in many countries.

        Unfortunately, he has thereby (probably ignorantly) promoted the scam that the mantra is Ho'oponopono. As a result, many people may have been diverted or delayed from learning the traditional Ho'oponopono or the universal one of Morrnah and not experienced the beneficial effects.


           Ho'oponopono did NOT develop from Huna, since Huna is not Hawaiian, see > here < the opinions of the most mportant Hawaiian cultural scholars, including the Bernice. the Bishop Museum of Hawaii. Nevertheless, Huna can be credited with the fact that, like Vitale, it has done much to spread the name 'Ho'oponopono'. In addition, it pursues its own spiritual path.


       have nothing to do with traditional or Morrnah's Ho'oponopono.

Magical Abuses

       For example, by stickers with appropriate words. They often do tricks from '
Merlin's magic box', called powerful 'tools', like this: Let mentally fly a piece of paper. Imagine that a problem of yours is written on it and that the paper absorbs it.-The emotions are thereby only locked in another drawer of the unconscious.

       A popular tool is also to close doors against burglars with magically 'charged' business cards - and to call this Ho'oponopono or even 'Self-Identity through Ho'oponopono'. These are fakes!

       One of the worst (in the sense of cheating): The pencil and its eraser. For
solving problems just write them down and erase them. Even well-educated people believe this, as Dr. Len has said, „This came from Divinity “

 The 'Law' of Attraction

        Ho'oponopono is not a manifestation technique. There is nothing directly obtained, for example happiness, wealth, good health. Ho'oponopono frees from the obstacles that hinder wish fulfillment, e.g. from unwanted relationships, pain or debt. That's a different focus. In a Ho'oponopono change occurs by releasing the causes of a problem – and is seen in the physical world as an effect.


       In the esoteric-spiritual market, many combinations are also offered, such as 'Ho'oponopono and Hypnosis' or 'Ho'oponopono and Quantum Healing' or 'Ho'oponopono and EFT' or even 'Ho'oponopono and family constellations'.

       With real Ho'oponopono it does not work to combine it – Ho'oponopono stands independently and the vibration is too high. The inner child is not playing. It would also mean disrespect and disharmony.

        It is obvious that the additions were invented only to expand a seminar over the stretch to 5-7 hours - which would be not possible with only a mantra of 11 words.

       But regardless of this, the above mentioned procedures may have effects by themselves and be important stations for many people on the spiritual path.

                    [Text: Michael Micklei] 

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