History and Development

The 'Early Days'

Ho'oponopono is a psycho-spiritual problem-solving method originating from Hawaii, which lies in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. Since there was no written form of Ho’oponopono on Hawaii and throughout the Polynesian region until the 1820s, the procedure was kept secret by healers (mostly Kahunas) and only transmitted through an oral tradition (‘from mouth to ear’). The year of its first appearance cannot be determined, however seen clairvoyantly.

       It goes back to ‘immemorial times’, that is, many thousands of years. The first awareness by the general public of the nature of Ho’oponopono came in 1957, when the renowned Hawaiian scholar Mary Kawena Pukui mentioned it in one of her books about Hawaiian culture and in her Hawaiian dictionary, accurately describing it as "A spiritual cleansing in which (wrong) interpersonal relationships are restored through prayer, discussion, confession of guilt, repentance, and mutual forgiveness."  This definition is still valid in 2020.


       At the time of the revitalisation of Hawaiian culture starting in the 1960s, the Kahuna La'au Lapa'au Morrnah Simeona launched her Ho'oponopono system, which not only made public the traditional Ho'oponopono from the secret world of the Kahunas, but also gave it an universal direction. However, the 'universal’ characteristic was not immediately there, but Morrnah expanded her Ho’oponopono through several revisions, over a period of 19 years - starting in the early 1970s with a few loose pages and ending in 1991 as seminar documents in book form.

       The titles of the complete works changed as well, as the scope of their prayers increased. The final version of 1991 focuses on her 14-step-system. At the end Morrnah complete work contained 3 long forms with 14 steps each and around a dozen of short forms with 3-5 steps. Pacifica Seminars teaches the short forms only in Basic 2 and basic 3 as they are highly spiritual. There is no one else who teaches them in German.

Basic characteristics
of Morrnah's method

 The most important points of her system include:

a)  It can be done privately and unassisted after some short instruction. While in a traditional Ho'oponopono the participants of a problem must be physically present, in Morrnah’s system they are spiritually present instead in a special way that is woven throughout the prayers.

b)  The problems are solved exclusively by the being known as the 'Divine Creator' or 'Dear Lord'. Not by people. They simply do not have the ability for this.

c)  Every human being has three aspects of consciousness, which, in agreement with each other, appear as delimited, rotating egg-forms, and which penetrate and surround the physical body. Therefore there clearly exists an inside and an outside to each aspect.

d)  The goal of spiritual purification is the release of the negative cause, and in doing so, finding the solution to any given problem. This is achieved only by the altruistic, unselfish concern of mutual exchange; that is, by including all those involved in a given problem in the cleansing, so they are cleansed too. Only then do the prayers go to the Divine Creator. Egoistic, self-focussed prayers  do not do that, but with great limitations, they may be partly answered by beings of the astral plane.

e) Mutuality exists only if the other forgives you too. All mantras are ‘one-way’ and therefore not mutual or Ho'oponoponos. There is no Ho'oponopono mantra. This is a new age invention of the early 2000s.

f)  Morrnah's system had none of these: 100% responsibility, zero condition, 11-word mantra, tools like light switches, fly paper, whiteboard etc. These have nothing to do with Morrnah, nothing with Hawaii, nothing with Ho'oponopono,

Organizations founded by Morrnah

        Morrnah founded several organizations: In the early 1970s her first 'Pacifica Seminars' existed as an association,and in July 1982, presented the "I-dentity of Man: First world symposium". Highly respected people from culture and politics honored by attending personally or sending greetings.

       In 1980, Morrnah founded the 'Foundation of 'I', later adding 'Freedom of the Cosmos'. In 1986, the 1st Pacifica Seminars (association) was changed into an Incorporated (Inc.) organisation, becoming the 2nd Pacifica Seminars.

       On September 19, 1990, the 3rd Pacifica Seminars was founded in Germany as an association (on the advice of Divinity to Morrnah on June 15, 1990). As a result, Günther Schönharting resigned as representative of the 'Foundation of 'I' in Europe.

       Each incorporation was followed by the transfer of the use and benefits of the copyrights (Latin-usufructs) of Morrnah's procedures to the companies. In 1987, Morrnah's process was officially translated into German by Michael Micklei, and into French by Yvette Mauri, and between 1986 and 1992,  Morrnah completed her final version. Unfortunately, the Foundation of 'I' has never adopted this modified and expressly confirmed prayers of Morrnah’s as HER final version. Since Morrnah's transition in 1992, the Foundation of 'I' has maintained its translation status from 1986 and issues that as THEIR official version.

Current situation

  Now: If you have any questions about what the Foundation of 'I' has done, changed or now include (and perhaps more importantly, not include), contact the Foundation of 'I' and ask them: What has been added since Morrnah’s passing? Why mantras? Why tools?  By whom and why?  What has been removed (is no longer taught or included)? Why?

       Surely a clairvoyant kahuna who worked tirelessly on her own system for 19 years was best able to develop her own system. Please do NOT ask us. Our days are filled only with the practice, teaching, books and dissemination of Morrnah’s final version of 1991.

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