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The Coronation of Consciousness - A Divine helping hand through the Ho'oponopono of Morrnah Simeona - by Michael Micklei.

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This psycho-spiritual textbook with exercises contains the complete Ho'oponopono method of Morrnah Simeona as a Basic and Advanced Course (Basic 1+2) with clear and detailed instructions.

It is the 1st edition in English, 2020, (8th edition in German).

In addition, there are 42 color illustrations supporting the content as taught. Morrnah's complex clairvoyance provides unusual and unknown insights into consciousness.



Special notes

 1)  Morrnah did not teach a mantra. Also,her process does not erase memories, but karma (which erases negative parts of memories).

2)  Using her Ho'oponopono you work almost playfully on the causes of your problems that can go back to many lifetimes - because your problems are the harvest of the seeds that you sowed someday, the 'energetic' balance in the  choolhouse of life. You do not even need to know them, your subconscious - affectionately called Inner Child - finds them for you as explained to you in the book.

3)  By Morrnah's process asking the Divine Creator to not only erase the karmic causes, but also to fill the resulting gaps in consciousness with Pure Light, Morrnah has RAISED the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono.

4)  By being able to perform Morrnah's Ho'oponopono alone, in various languages and on every problem, it has become

The Qualification of the Author

Michael Micklei has taught Morrnah's Ho'oponopono since 1987, after he was first taught it himself by Morrnah – so this is probably the longest time outside the U.S. as a Ho'oponopono teacher.

Meeting Morrnah Simeona during her first seminars in Germany in November 1986 had a lasting effect on his spiritual path: first in 1987 through the collaboration of the official translation of her Ho'oponopono problem-solving method into German. And of course by learning this procedure at its source, complete with the authorization to teach it at the highest level (Basic 3).

Morrnah intentionally spent her last year until February 1992 in his home with Yvette Mauri in Kirchheim near Munich. It was a sign of where, how and from whom Morrnah's work and light would go on, to 'shine' in the world.

Results of cleansing

The Ho'oponopono of Morrnah Simeona can help you with any personal problems, for example

* Inner peace, happiness and success may come to you
* Reduction of school stress and assessment pressure of your children
* Better understanding between children and parents
* Fulfilled relationships, letting go of what is not to be retained
* Letting go of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, depression
* Solving weight problems and career failures
* Ending quarrels with neighbors, tenants, landlords
* Harmony between customers, suppliers and colleagues in the office
* Release from debt and frequent nightmares
* Liberation of foreign spirits from the house and garden
* Alleviation of physical ailments and bereavement

'Keeping a pearl'

This book is the only one that shows Morrnah's Ho'oponopono as coming from and retaining, the original – based on what has been known and practiced for years on Hawaii, but not as a specific mantra.

Morrnah's magic words were: balance, inner peace and liberation from the ignorance of our divine origin. But also that one experiences in oneself what one inflicted on others, the good and the bad - and that each of us can bring each wrong thing back into the right again.

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