Ho'oponopono experiences


The Stress of a Cat

        In the summer we once had to travel urgently to Italy and leave our cat alone in the garden for nine days. Since our garden was quite large and there were certainly mice everywhere, we did not think much about it. But on our return, there was no greeting, the cat no longer appeared, not during the day, not at night.

       Not even after more than a week. After that, we made an extensive
Ho'oponopono and wrote down every conceivable stress the cat might have had in our absence. A few hours later we heard a familiar sound, as our cat jumped back onto the window sill and peered through the window, meowing. - M.M.*

The Robber Captain

       It's been a long time: I once had a good secretary, who was also perceived by my business partners as someone resolute. A client from Italy always called
her a 'carabiniere' (a tough officer). Her distinctive pencil head and hard,
searching gaze did the rest. The case became even more complicated when
another secretary developed an inexplicable fear of her. Of course, I was pretty
busy with this topic, and in meditation I once ventured to get in touch with
their spirit.

       Without any delay, the answer came almost as if he had been waiting for it. It was a second entity from her aura. A robber chief before the French
Revolution, who had hunted my other secretary during her reincarnation at that time and place. Immediately I took all involved in my next ho'oponopono and my involvement in the whole thing.

       After about three to four weeks, in the middle of brushing my teeth in the
morning, I saw a picture on the top right: It was the robber captain with a
backpack. "Je suis prêt" (I'm ready) he said and vanished. Shortly thereafter,
the resolute secretary left my company and I heard nothing more from her. But
after about a year and a half, I saw her again in a sidewalk café that I passed -
and I barely recognized her: she had long, softly falling hair and an unusually
peaceful gaze. -Momo *

Spirals of Cleansing

       In the past 20 years, we have moved three times, each time to places that are 50 to 80 kilometers apart. For about the same period we have also been using the Ho'oponopono of Morrnah, not only for our private living conditions, but also for the house, the garden and the countryside all around.

And each time unusual changes took place, usually about two years later:new
roads were built, miles long, with cycle paths  and freshly planted fruit trees or
birches. In the garden grew flowers that my wife and I had sown.

Recently, within a month,the following animals have arrived on our property:
Two peacefully grazing deer, a pheasant with a partner, a mouse-seeking
heron, a rabbit, and a fox nearby. -Daniel S.


The Dream Partner

       Despite good ideas and a lot of commitment, my company went downhill:
Either high demands were made because customers could not pay or there were complaints that tore big holes when I had just caught up again. Against the background of these circumstances, I became aware of the Ho'oponopono of Morrnah Simeona. But how big was my fright, when things got even worse: An important employee left the company and the principal shareholder demanded a loan paid earlier. Finally, I liquidated the company.

       During the transaction, I told myself that it would be a shame, if that had been it, so I sought by newspaper advertisement a new shareholder. When I did not hear anything after a few days, I called the FAZ ('Frankfurter Allgemeine
in Germany). There, a friendly lady told me that I should be patient,
and that more than fifty people had already been in contact for me. They had
not experienced that for a long time.

       After sending written documents there were still ten and after personal
discussions three wanted to make the deal. Eventually I found a dream partner
and my ideas found a setting I had not thought of before. -L.from B.*

The New Lord's Prayer

  Divine Creator
Father, Mother, Child as One
Your Kingdom has come
Your Will is Done
On Earth as in all Heavens
Give us our Daily Bread
And Forgive us, as we Forgive
Our Brothers and Sisters.
Lead us out of Temptation
Into ever Greater Light
And Release us from the Ignorance
Of our Divine Origin
For Thine is the Kingdom
And the Power and the Glory
In Eternity –Amen

(Morrnah Simeona, The New Lord's Prayer, 1990)

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