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"Welcome to the official website of Morrnah Simeona, the creator of universal Ho'oponopono.

My name is Michael Micklei  and I have applied Ho'oponopono in my life since meeting Morrnah in November 1986. I was personally trained by Morrnah and received livelong permission to teach it (along with my wife Yvette) at all 3 levels. Let me give you a short overview in the next 5 minutes:

Many of you will have heard the word  'Ho'oponopono' - but do you know if the prayers and practices retain the final version of Morrnah (similar to when the painter places their signature only on the finished masterpiece)? Is that version the final version completed by Morrnah after her 19 years of work on it? Is it the one that can work wonders? Or is it just a recent 'New Age' method, being called 'Ho'oponopono'?

According to the Hawaiian scholar Mary Kawena Pukui, Ho'oponopono is defined as "spiritual cleansing (as part of a gathering of the families involved) in which one frees oneself from relationship problems through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance and mutual forgiveness. "The process is moderated by a Kahuna, a traditional healer and sort of mediator, and only they knew the prayers and processes. Morrnah Simeona developed universal Ho'oponopono to enable this spiritual cleansing to be performed now by oneself (at any time and place), allowing any problem to be dealt with, and including all participants of a given problem (written on a problem list). All prayers are directed exclusively to the Divine Creator. This development and its spread across the world is the work of Morrnah Simeona.

However over the last 30 years, more than twenty methods have popped up worldwide calling themselves 'Ho'oponopono' but they are not - especially the mantra "I'm sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you". But why is this well known mantra not Ho'oponopono? Quite simply: The heart of Ho'oponopono is missing there. There is no mutual forgiveness in this mantra.

On Hawaii, from where Ho'oponopono came, this mantra is completely unknown and was never part of Morrnah's work. But around 1998 (6 years after Morrnah's death) it was invented by Dr.Hew Len. The mantra is a beautiful prayer, but Dr.Len is neither a kahuna nor a shaman. Dr.Len has a doctorate in education.

Let me briefly add: Dr.Len and I were trained almost simultaneously by Morrnah Simeona, and in the late 80's we gave a series of seminars together in Germany. It was a great time and the four of us worked together harmoniously. But there was no mantra.

So why is this mantra so well known and not Morrnah's final work of 14 steps? Its fame is due to its simplicity, Joe Vitale, and modern busy life pushing for 'quick solutions'. Joe pushed it fast in his book as an internet specialist. Although the mantra can calm and relax a situation in the short term (but not permanently), it has no 'mutual forgiveness'. Even the change "I forgive me, I forgive you" is also not mutual, because the other parties have not forgiven you. 

You may not consider this difference significant, but Morrnah did. She considered it crucial, and her work requires it

Thank you and with warm regards, Michael Micklei"

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